Thursday, February 19, 2015

Brain Stuff.

I take a lot of heat for my 'feminist' views. I also take a lot of shit for my affinity for profanity, my opinionated outspokenness, and my stubborn push to be heard. Some folks see it as a personal attack, others just see it as junk clouding up the airwaves.

It's okay.

At the root of giving me all of that grief, there are people who haven't really learned that standing out is okay. There are folks who believe that anyone who would paint a target on their own back doesn't have a right to be successful. There are also a lot of assumptions; assumptions that I'm angry instead of intense, upset instead of passionate. Those assumptions are made by folks who haven't even spoken with me, who have never interacted with me... They assume I'm a man-hating feminist bitch with a big mouth and too much to say.

They're wrong. But that's okay. I'm wrong a lot, too. 

However, I'd like to set the record straight: 

I'm not a feminist. I'm what I like to call a humanist -- I don't like women more than I like men. I like everyone pretty much equally, and when I dislike someone, it's not about gender. When I disagree with someone, it doesn't mean I don't like you. And even if I think someone is wrong, it doesn't mean we can't be good friends, or be respectful. 

I like to rant. I think that ranting has a certain value -- we are our most honest when we shout and yell, with no political calculation (or fucks) given. And so I rant. And it's usually very tongue-in-cheek, because I'm inherently human and always wrong, which makes the ranting funny from a philosophical point of view. 

But yes, I usually have too much to say. And I'm always wrong. I always have a limited perspective, based upon my human condition. But aren't we all? Don't we all? I'm not objective, because humans are not objective creatures. We see everything through the lense that our lives and natures and conditioning gives us. I'm opinionated and fairly ignorant about a great many things and, combined with a passionately fierce personality, it usually makes for a nightmare of epic proportions. But I'm not afraid to be wrong, nor to be educated. I'm a curious soul, and love to learn... Even if that means I end up looking like an idiot or with egg on my face. Shit happens and eggs break. 

I also NEVER set out to offend someone personally. If I'm offensive, it's usually because something has been bristling under my skin and I'm feeling contrary or comedic. I don't make an effort to hurt or offend people... Not ever. There are moments, however, when folks internalize stuff and get upset because they feel I'm particularly pointing them out. Here's the thing: if I single you out, I will leave your name. I'm not a coward. I believe that everyone has the right to defend themselves. 

Another beef that folks have: me 'calling out' other people. There's a fine line between calling someone out and calling it as I see it. As I said before... If I'm calling you out, you'll know. I'll leave specifics. If it's a general observation or an opinion on a topic, it's just me being outspoken again. 

I also am fiercely loyal. I also try my best to be kind. But if once we cross the line into my 'protective mama bear mode', kindness usually takes second fiddle behind protection. Lots of things trigger my protective instinct, too. But usually it's bullying. Lack of respect for someone, regardless of gender. I try to protect the underdog, the guy with half a chance. I'm a big champion of the vilified and I always want to know the Oz; I don't like my strings getting pulled by someone I can't see. 

That's another thing that whatever I write and whatever I say, do or comment, I attribute to myself. Personal responsibility -- if I say it, then you damn well better be able to nail me to the wall over it if I'm out of line. I'd do the same to you. 

At the end of the day, I want fairness. I don't think people should be valued for their appearance only. I don't think we should ostracize or cast out those we see as 'different' or 'weird'. I don't think that gender or a genetic lottery should dictate how we live our lives or love or succeed. I don't like politics or power plays or bullying. The way I see it, everyone is equal. We're all human and we all have our strengths and weaknesses.

I believe in creating your own luck and sticking to your guns. I believe that humans are inherently good and that they have good intentions. I believe in having an opinion and in standing up for myself, even when it's not popular to do so. I believe in a clean fight, a good laugh and our right to enjoy both. I believe in the power of positive attitude and the ethic of hard work. I believe in changing the world. I believe that we choose to be happy. I believe in karma and trying to do right by everyone. I believe in the concept of 'live and let live'. I believe that fate favors the fearless. I believe in myself. 

Because... Life is funny. It's short. And it's beautiful. 

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