Thursday, February 20, 2014

World Cup Prep 2014...

Whew. Almost two years... Where has the time gone? 

I never knew how two years can feel like an eternity and a millisecond, all at one time, until just this week. I feel as though the last two years has changed me completely as a person; how do I summarize that? Going into my third season of racing, how do I pay homage to everything racing and riding has given me in the past two years? Whew. Two years. That's it? It feels like a lifetime... Or three. I've morphed from a terrified, insecure mouse to a fighter, a worker, a dreamer and most importantly, a doer. 

Two years. Twenty four months. Seven hundred and thirty days. Seventeen thousand, five hundred and twenty hours. 

The last weekend of May, 2012. Nearly two years ago, I raced my first-ever DH race and fell in love. I decided I wanted to take it somewhere, but ultimately, it has taken me. And 23 months to the very day that I began my bicycle racing journey, I will be achieving my dreams of competing on the UCI World Cup circuit. It will be closing a circle, but opening up a whole world. 

I gave myself two years... And I have somewhere around 14 weeks left of that two years. 

Over the next 10, however, I'm going to prepare to tackle a course that is returning to the circuit after a ten year hiatus. It's one of the longest, hairiest DH tracks on earth, and as I'm most comfortable in waaaaay over my head, I figured I'd start my WC journey there. After all, what better way to hit the ground running than on the craziest track possible as a new racer? Sink or swim, baby. Sink or swim. 

(You can see a course preview here with Ms. Tracey Hannah:

So over the next 70 days as I'm winding up my winter training, leaning out, racing a few test races here in the US and pulling money together, I'll be broadcasting all of it -- the physical, emotional, mental and financial aspects of what I'm doing in the final stretch. Through video and photo updates, weekly blog posts and song and dance numbers (okay, probably not the last two), I've decided that it'll be more fun sharing it with everyone I know. 

I've already got a few posts up, so keep an eye on the hashtag #WCprep2014 across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to hangout as I go for the win in Australia. Yes, you read that right. I'm aiming for the big 'W'. 

"...sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can." 

All in all, I can't wait to get back on track and kick some ass (even if it's my own), and I'm glad you all are along for the ride. Here's to two years, folks! 

Thanks for being along for the ride... Please don't hesitate to reach out and ask questions, make comments or poke fun. ;) 

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