Sunday, November 17, 2013

The (errr) Science Behind the SIESTA...

Have you ever been so tense, so stressed and so overwhelmed that when the light at the end of the tunnel appears, you simply collapse? I was. I did.

After a long few weeks with a LOT of bright spots that I'm still trying to recognize (which consisted of shooting with some new photographers, seeing my family, joining a great company's athlete roster), I simply shut down this weekend. I can't really explain why the system shutdown occurred as things are beginning to be sorted out and the ends of a few stressful things are in sight, but shutdown I did. My mental and emotional legs buckled, my concentration took a vacation without so much as a 'how do you do' and my motivation to do much of anything went completely MIA.

I think we're meant to be strong and resilient. I think humans are built for it -- our minds are built to provide survival management, above all else. That means 'handling shit' even when it's crushingly heavy, like blood test results and legal battles and packing a house, all added to lots of financial pressure and a fair bit of career stress. How do we get through it?

All I can say is that I'm glad it was the weekend. Did I miss some fun ski time with friends and visiting my family to spend my Saturday on the couch, staring at the RedBox movies I had rented, craving a beer (or twelve) and eating cereal from the box? Sure, yeah, I probably did. Did my diet of cheese, crackers, cookie dough and egg nog do my ass any favors? Will missing my workouts make my week any easier come tomorrow morning? Uhhhh, no. No and no. But did my brain enjoy the siesta? Reading Mind Floss and How It Works, watching Hulu and avoiding most human interaction at all costs? You bet it did. So. I'm in need of a shower, I probably have pissed a few folks off and I'll definitely be hating my next few days in the gym, but for my sanity? It all seems a very small price to pay. 

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