Thursday, June 6, 2013

Winter, then Spring, then Summer and GO!!!

Let's just clear one thing up: I'm terrible at this blogging stuff. I doubt I could post regularly and often if my life depended on it, thanks to a hectic schedule and far too many hobbies and ideas and people and plans and... You get the idea. However, I'm doing well summing up this ski season: it was cold. There was snow. All I wanted to do was ride my bike. The end! 

I'm just kidding, although not about riding my bike -- I lapped a local run called Bobsled until December 14th and picked up riding again in February. I think I have a problem... With snow, that is. Too much of a good thing, maybe? Either way, the 'brown pow fever' has taken over and I only dream of speed manuals and tall berms and perfectly shaped jumps that lead into tacky singletrack followed by impeccably-spaced rock gardens. Yes, I know. It can be addictive. Now can we avoid the 'I spend way too much money on bike parts' talk? Thanks.

So the winter seemed endless, spring took forever and I started downhill racing again in March at the Reaper Madness ProGRT in Boulder City, NV. It. Was. AWESOME. Probably because of my excitement over the UCI upgrade to the Pro category, which came with another learning experience, but it also could have been the 80F weather, the sharp and technical sections of track or just the very nice company I was in... Anyway, I placed 8th of 15 pro women in my first race, only to head for Sea Otter in April and come in absolute last. Talk about making a grand pro debut, eh? It was perfect though -- as always, another day and another lesson. I can't seem to stop (or at least exit) this train called 'Learning Experiences'; maybe one day it will lead to a fantastic interview with Oprah. (Oprah? Are you out there? No? Oh. Okay.) Either way, my spring started out with a lot of racing, a lot of riding, a lot of spending and much less racing than I had anticipated, unfortunately. However, I was able to get home and make it to my first anniversary racing of the annual Sundance Showdown here in Utah, which was absolutely wonderful. The week up to the race, I worked, practiced, prepped and mentally visualized my way onto the box with the help of my family, friends and MB and then somehow ended up there! No, it wasn't as perfect a race as my practice runs were (go figure), but it was a decent result that set me mid-pack with the men and first for the women. It was also my first place result as a pro rider, which probably meant more to me than anything else. The Showdown is always a good time, but this year was even more special as my younger brother (I would say little, but the guy somehow got into the Miracle Gro and shot up like a beanstalk!) raced alongside me and my loved ones supported both of us from the side and finish lines. I must have cried multiple times that day; I will never again take for granted the support and strength that simply 'being there' for someone gives. 

It hasn't been an easy or smooth start to a race season by any means, but it has been an incredible one full of ups and downs and basically, life's best. So we keep moving, keep pedaling and keep taking it one day at a time to stay healthy, happy and strong! Thank you to all of you cyber-folks and non-cyber folks alike out there for supporting me and my efforts; you do not go unnoticed, nor does your love and support. Thank you, thank you, thank you. May your summer be magical, as only summer can be, and may life and good health find you and yours. 

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