Sunday, August 14, 2011

I can't believe it's mid-August. The summer has just flown by and the days are shorter. At the end of the summer, I always have a weird, regretful longing that I'd gone camping more or floating more or swimming or running or... Everything. I suppose it's the nature of the beast (and by beast I mean my inner 7 year old) to wish the days of summer lasted longer, but that's why summer is so fleeting: we know it doesn't last forever.

While I did do so many new things this year, I didn't do much of what I love. I didn't mountain bike or hike as much as I wanted to, I didn't barbeque as regularly warranted with the purchase of a new grill and I didn't road trip. At all.

The fear that comes with the final bright, sunny days of the season stems from unaccomplished adventures and the knowledge that serious business is afoot. Whether it was school as a child or work/commitment/obligations now, it still strikes a sour note to realize that the carefree days have disappeared.

In the interim, I'll be leaving the country. I haven't decided where or when, exactly, I'll be leaving, but it's time to travel alone. It's time to assault my entire being with culture shock and to experience new friends, new memories and new... Freedom. I'm just beginning to realize that the only thing holding me back for the last while has been ME. There is a refreshing honesty in admitting my boredom and stagnancy. If I return broke and jaded, at least there will be stories. If I don't return at all, there will be mystery -- life requires mystery. So I'll travel alone and find whatever it is that needs finding. I may update this page, I may not.

I suppose that's the beauty of a chapter's end.

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