Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day and the Hallmark curse...

Some folks say that Valentine's Day is overrated.

In the past, I've been inclined to heartily agree and even solidify my agreement with a raucous "HELL YEAH!" I've been to anti-Valentine's Day parties, Single Awareness Day parties (side note: have you even noticed that the acronym for Single Awareness Day is 'SAD'?) and even penned a bitter girl's dream heart-hate post. Even last year I didn't really have the chance to enjoy it as the holiday happened to be in the middle of 80-hour work weeks for both BV and I. Sometimes, it can be overwhelmingly intimidating and there's just no use bothering with it. But this year? I went all out.

We bought gifts, planned surprises and created what was honestly the best holiday I think I've ever had. I cooked a gourmet breakfast (courtesy of Liz's jelly biscuit recipe and my mom's quiche) and B clocked out early to spend some serious morning time together. Champagne, roses, silly decorations and romance aside, it was honestly fun. I spent most of my night and the better part of the morning hours decorating and cooking, but the look on B's face as he ate was absolutely priceless... The cliche is true: his heart lies at the bottom of a full stomach.

A bowl of fresh strawberries amidst the decorations kicked off a wonderful breakfast feel (left); A very content man, BV just finished breakfast (right).

Due to a planning malfunction, the centerpiece I had in mind didn't manage to get done. Fortunately, a glass hurricane and some crepe stringing paper sprinkled with candy hearts worked out well.

B's giant Hershey Kiss. I couldn't help but buy it.

Diamonds, hearts and candy, OH MY! (left) Champagne and berries in the flute, berry-pomagranate julius in the other. (right)

Chocolates, champagne and heart-shaped candles: It much be February 14th.

On of my favorite pictures of all... And the one that started the brain wave for a blog.

My sister Liz's jelly biscuits -- with berry garnish and a sparkle gel on a wonderfully romantic platter I found at Pottery Barn.

"I didn't burn the quiche! I didn't burn the quiche!"


Pre-pig out...

 ... and post-pig out. HURRAH!

Two kinds of French preserves make for wonderful biscuits -- Bonne Maman tastes fresh, right out of the jar.

Can you even enjoy coffee on St. Valentine's Day without drinking it out of a red mug?!? (left)

Peppermint coffee stirrers only add to the excitement. (right)

While the feast was the main event, the gifts were a blast, as well as the greeting cards. Personally, I don't mind so much that this is supposedly a "Hallmark-created holiday". I just thank god that Hallmark exists. Who else would get me laid so often? Those folks make me actually sound eloquent. They make love sound genuine and help regular people sound like relationship rock stars. They even out the playing field between men and women, too. I know it's a large stretch of the imagination to think that the sayings inside those cards run through his head like the slogans at the bottom of the Time's Square Jumbotron, but it's a nice fantasy. So once a year, my imaginings are validated. What, may I ask, is wrong with that?

I ran out of ribbon, so the alternative was Christmas decorations, strung across both the mantleplace and the ceiling!

White roses make any breakfast taste a million times better. It's been scientifically proven.

Curling ribbon, white sewing ribbon and more Christmas ornaments created a decadent feeling under the chandelier.

Diamond ornament detail.

And yes, kitties love Valentine's, too. Of course! (Even if they are only interested in destroying the paper.)

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