Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas, New Years and such...

Life can feel like a speeding train that's gone totally out of control sometimes. There are days when it's a fun ride of wild excitement; others feel like a deadly plummet to the bottom of a deep chasm. That sums up our early winter. 

B's season started off at a dead stop... It wasn't really a start at all with the late opening of the resort accompanied by the panic of new operations and the confusion of new areas. Luckily, Park City Rug kept him busy right up until his night shift started and there wasn't much down time -- it drives him crazy. Unfortunately, we had no idea what was going on with any of that ski business as A), it is Park City and B), it is Park City. There seems to be a mad dash to get information but it isn't at all. Almost everyone talks shit and spreads rumors instead of getting the facts, so it's difficult to pin down what's truth and what's wishful thinking, especially with a buyout as massive as the one that happened last spring. Welcome to a small ski town. 

From Halloween to shortly after Turkey Day, my schedule slowed down a bit and wasn't insane, but picked back up again the first of December and I spent most of the month traveling and working instead of getting into the holiday spirit. I'm not complaining as it was spent in a few of my favorite places, but Minnesota was an early stop and HOLY GOD. Why would ANYONE choose to move to Minneapolis or St. Paul? It was so cold, so boring and so fattening that I cried tears of joy while boarding the plane out of MSP. There is a shocking bit of locavore/local culture in the wealthier suburbs that was interesting, but it was pretty much like Chicago without any of the cool Chicago stuff... YEAH. Fortunately, the snow that completely stopped the Midwest followed me home and we've continued to receive boatloads of snow. 

Two feet of snow in a little less than 48 hours.

Kailua Beach, Oahu, HI

Lanai Beach, Oahu, HI

A sudden surf get away mid-month was nice and calming, but very un-Christmas-like and although I came home with a great tan, everything seemed to speed up and gain momentum from there. Working 70-hour weeks and barely seeing B took a toll but we made it through and were able to get down to Payson to visit my family right before Christmas, even though B's grooming schedule was a bit of a pain in the ass. We did, however, manage to do some sledding, go ice skating, construct a massive gingerbread house and hassle my mom for a few days and had a lot of fun.

Surprisingly enough, the year that most of the family was global, everyone managed to somehow make it home for the holidays: My younger sister who was serving a Mormon mission in the Dominican Republic had some medical issues and came home mid-December. Not due home on leave until March, my older brother who is currently stationed in Iraq surprised us a few days early by waltzing through the back door with a grin on his face and his sneaky wife laughing. My older sister and her husband and their two little boys came out from Ohio to stay for a few weeks... It was so fun and so shocking to have everyone home. What a house full of batty. 

My body finally gave up the fight and succumbed to a nasty chest cold on Christmas Eve and I've been battling with that for about a week now while B tries to fit in as much sleep as possible. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. 

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