Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's that time of year...

Okay, it's cold outside... Sort of. In the morning, it feels like my body is screaming as I get out of bed but by noon, we're all warmed up.

Is it a bad thing that it takes me six hours to fully wake up?

Halloween came and went, ski season is nearly upon us, elections just went down the shitter and I'm hungry -- ALL. THE. TIME. It must be winter. On the plus side, I get to wear sweaters and socks with tights and tall boots and light the fireplace. Christmas is almost here (well, sort of). This won't look stupid (as long as I don't wear it in public), but B may mock me. Wait until he finds out he gets one, too.

Christmas is always a time of pure excitement for me, unless it's not. Last year I went overboard and lived to regret it come January, but this year I'm vowing to keep myself in check... Which also includes not forgetting about Thanksgiving, as much as I'd love to avoid the awkward extended family dinner.

I usually skip Thanksgiving, partly because I've never been a grateful person or understood how much I truly have and partly because I LOVE CHRISTMAS. This year, I'm trying to think about one thing a day that I'm immensely grateful for (or more, if my selfish little self has enough brainpower). Today, it's a body that works. It may not be a supermodel body or an Olympic athlete body, but my heart beats, my blood flows and I can move. It's mine and it takes care of me in an incredible, unforgettable way. I'm thankful for doctors and nurses who help keep it healthy and keep me on track. I'm thrilled at the power my legs have on a long run and the way my lungs burn when I run really fast (which is very rare). I'm thankful that I have energy to get up and get out, even if it's grudgingly. I'm terrifically elated when I see muscle definition, when I can think clearly and I can move freely. Today, I'm grateful for my body. So thanks, body and friends -- you're rad.

PS - Sorry about Halloween. I wasn't very nice to you while forcing 5 lbs of shit candy into you this weekend. I'm cleaning you right now but it may take a few days.

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