Wednesday, July 21, 2010

long summer days, nice wine and a rainstorm...

Here's the disclaimer for this entire entry -- I've had an entire glass of wine on one kidney and an empty stomach; forgive me, Mom.

It's been a busy, busy summer so far and it seems to be looking more hectic. Brian is still with Park City Rug Company and things are much better than last summer; he's so skinny from running up and down stairs all day! I'm working full-time at Park City Nursery where I love being outside with the plants, animals and crazy people I work with -- it's nice to be able to spend time in the garden without getting yelled at for standing around kicking rocks! Haha, just kidding, Dad.

We've been mountain biking out of sheer relief that we still have bikes after Brian's crazy escapade last summer and our crime-fighting adventures this summer with my bike and I'm surprisingly able to keep up, even at 8,000 feet above sea level. Except for a nasty bout with some salmonella poisoning, we're healthy and happy and looking forward to fall and the coming winter.

Oh damn -- I'm so drunk I ran out of shit to write. Time for a nap!

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