Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Only after disaster can we be resurrected...

Today I found something out the hard way:

Some people are good, others are mean and the rest are just plain damn crazy.

Over the last few weeks I've seemed to be taking the proper steps to true happiness and success and today was a devastating reminder of how far I still must go in order to be true to myself, and never has that been more clear than this afternoon as my mind spun with horror and excuses and "NOT ME!"s. My different sides were at war; one side was all for sacrificing anything in my way and doing whatever I had to do in order to survive financially. Another side was resilient and sad, but willing to scrape together my pride and self-respect in order to sleep at night. What was this destructive event spurring my emotive transport back in time?

Well, I got fired.

It was pleasant, I think. I assume that employment termination can get much nastier than mine did, and I feel blessed. It was a simple, "Yadda yadda yadda... and you realize what this means, yes?" conversation and I caught onto the principle fairly quickly that my dreams of a second chance in life had just been doused in gasoline and set afire by an unknowing and sweet HR representative. Did I cry?

OHHHH YEAH. It wasn't a sobbing plea, or a single delicate tear, but somewhere in the middle. It came and went like a summer rainstorm where it quickly clouds up, pours moisture and then clears again.... All within a ten minute time period.

Why did I get fired? Oh well... Yes, I suppose you deserve to know. I failed to disclose a criminal history on my application and a certain 'someone' (that no one will tell me the name of) went and tattled on me that I did indeed have a few skeletons in the closet. It's my fault for not trusting in the goodness of humanity and at the same time, truly believing that no one would want to hurt me. I got hurt, I got in trouble and I was fired. But the funniest thing about it, I think?

I don't have to work on Christmas.

Will I be broke as fuck and having a miserable, gift-less Christmas because of no full-time job? Yes. But will I be spending that miserable time with the ones I love most? ABSOLUTELY. What is there not to love? And hey, whoever said paid training is overrated, they were certainly wrong. I have a new skill set, a new resolve, and a reason to succeed... Just because I can.

I'm okay, really. Life goes on, I screw up regularly and I doubt that will ever change.

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  1. Don't feel down I have not worked since August and right now can't walk do to knee surgery for the second time.I live off food stamps and not only will I have a giftless xmas, but I had a costumeless halloween, and will probably have a turkeyless thanksgiving. You've got it made..