Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Acute Happiness Overload...

September and October have been interesting months, to say the least. I returned from a business trip at the beginning of September to find out my blood work had returned mostly clean, semi-healthy and getting stronger every day. I felt great; strong, healthy and happy. I have been shedding fat through my cardio and weight training regimens, followed closely by regular yoga and it has been regulating my blood sugar and white blood cell counts in ways that drugs and hospital visits never did.

Two weeks after a successful trip, a great work weeks and healthy habits, Brian proposed and we set a date, two years out from the 26th of September (the anniversary of when we met). Our parents were overjoyed, I was a little punch drunk and Brian and I both began planning furiously while we looked at rings, houses and furniture... Although all of the celebration was fun and included a ski movie premier and a good friend's birthday party, it was premature: Our lease on our apartment is up and we're looking for a new place.

While frustratingly difficult, it's beginning to teach me things I have never really understood up to this point.

- Money is really, really, really useful.
- Bills suck.
- Health issues suck balls.
- Very rarely, we find someone who makes us so happy we couldn't imagine living without them and we rejoice everyday when we wake up next to them.

That last realization is the most important part. For a pessimistic asshole who believed that love was for the weak minded, I sure did fall hard.

Totally abstract post... Let's spell random!

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