Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blog, blahg, bloggity blaaaaahg...

I've recently been thinking about the purpose of my blog -- along with the purpose of blogs in the first place. Your blog, a company blog, family blogs; hell, even my friend's dog has a blog (that she updates for him, of course - I've never seen a dog type)!

Do we write and update our blogs because we believe that we are the authority on writing? Do we write because we think that only we have the ability to inform everyone? Do we write because we truly understand that everyone else wants to know about our daily goings on? Or am I writing because I simply enjoy the pleasure of re-reading my own words, over and over again; like hearing myself speak? 

Does that make me an asshole?

I enjoy calling them 'blahgs' because sometimes I feel that's all we do: BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. About EVERYTHING! For instance, I was at the gym a few days back and working out on the treadmill (with my music blaring at deafening tones, mind you). A young lady about my same age climbed onto the machine next to me and began her workout... fine and dandy, right? Unfortunately, about three to 3 1/2 minutes into her routine she became bored and decided it would be completely appropriate to pick up her cell phone, call a friend and proceed to scream about boyfriend/work/friend/shopping/eating/workout/family/blah, blah blah ISSUES for close to forty minutes. 

Talk about information overload. Keep in mind that I had 30 Seconds To Mars' Beautiful Lie and Pat Benatar turned up and could STILL overhear her ranting on and on. I now understand that she's a compulsive shop-a-holic with a scary something or other going on 'down there' that she may or may not have gotten from her lousy boyfriend who may or may not be cheating on her with a co-worker who's a solid 'frenemie' who may or may not be judging her because she has family issues out the wahzoo... WHAT THE HELL?? 

Who on earth discusses OB-GYN appointments with friends, let alone in PUBLIC? I was shocked -- and not by her obviously open take on sexuality, but her brazen lack of manners and the narcissistic way she projected herself to the entire health club. 

This is all too common behavior within our generation and the constant state of availability to self-updating is only making it worse, I believe. Who else brazenly self-promotes 24/7? Certainly not my mother or my father. Definitely not my grandparents. I doubt they know what Twitter is! Personally, I have no idea how the hell to use it or what its purpose is. Who on earth would possibly care what I'm up to, every minute of every day?  

Whatever happened to the self-respect? What happened to the humility aspect of society? We're all self-made celebrities. When did we collectively decide that privacy was overrated? Or that we're entitled to every tidbit of someone's personal life? Isn't that why it's called a PERSONAL LIFE?? Where did the mystery of getting to know someone go? How is it possible that people Google each other after meeting once? We're losing something, and it's a very big something. We're losing the excitement of investing time in relationships -- business, friends, family, romantic... it's all becoming far too instant and far too shallow. How many real, true FRIENDS do you have? How many 'friends' (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, yadda yadda yadda) do you have? When was the last time you had a 'girls night out' instead of connecting via your preferred social networking site? How long has it been since we picked up the phone and called someone, just to talk? Or shared a meal that wasn't a 'power' ____ ? I say, fuck the power lunches and the instant gratification of friend requesting someone. I say we all go back to the basics of being true human beings. I say we eschew the current socio-political status and invest our time in each other and creating something offline.

Hold on, I'll start the relationship revolution after I check my Facebook and return some emails. Cool? 

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