Sunday, May 17, 2009

World travels and international insight...

It's one of those days where you have stuff to do, but would rather cuddle into your favourite chair with a good book and a cup of the best columbian of those days where you want to see people, but it's not really worth the hassle of contacting everyone, dressing up and making it happen. It's really one of those days where I truly believe that I could go without human contact for the next four days. It's a wonderful phenomenon for the usual me, the incessant social butterfly, but I believe that I see way too many people these days; it's nice to just....not. I was flying into SLC Int. last night from Denver, and the fellow seated next to me started up a conversation. It began as the usual "Hi, how are ya-where ya going-where ya from-nice to meet you" sort of airplane drivel that I'm usually confronted by while traveling, but after a few minutes, the conversation entered talk of politics (as it usually does when I'm around) and then into a deep analysis of the President's psyche. Now normally, I'll have my iPod on ear-bending volume and my computer open on my lap with a "talk to me and die" sign taped to my skull, but due to an unsufficient power source at the hotel earlier that morning, my computer was long dead, my books had been read, and my mp3 was in the dying stages. 

And thus I gladly entered into conversation with this total stranger who ended up giving me insight into the lifestyle that I'm leading and what comes after it. 

In a quiet, disconcertingly accurate way, he pointed out that eventually I 
will want to settle down and life will get boring. Of course, I laughed and blithley explained that no, sir -- not me, not ever. He smiled back with a twinkle of bittersweet memory in his eyes and insisted that while it may not happen for a while for me, I most definitely will want something more than the push, push, rush, rush lifestyle and the 'me, me, me'-ness of my twenties...and in that process, I may just decide to be happy. He told me a great many things, most of which only hold value for me, but there was a silent encouragement in this dear man that yes, I really CAN do whatever i want, but to make sure it is truly what I want; and to surround myself with those I would want surrounding me for the rest of my life. Needless to say, it was a welcomely blessed insight into a man that has seen so much, and yet still has faith; a mind that has learned so much, yet still knows fear; a man who has lost so much, yet still continues to love. I'll never know his name, but this man did more for me in a six hour flight than most college professors have done in years.

Whoever you are, thank you.

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