Sunday, May 17, 2009

vive libremente

there are times in life when, as a human being, we reflect on our personal experiences and examine our separate and compelling motives for decisions and events that have taken place. we learn how to dissect our inner selves so completely that sometimes, personal humanity loses its appeal and the majority of things become just that: things. they become minor, insignificant things compared the complexity and depth of the "big picture". for small amounts of precious time, we hold in ourselves the vision, clarity and calm of a higher force at work, and we are happy. we make choices that we believe are best and when the positive consequences of those choices are realized, life improves.

there are days when life is at its hardest and we feel our time has been spent spinning in circles and those around us are hurting because of it. we feel devalued, unattractive, used and sad. there are circles of emotive darkness surrounding both our conciousness and our second levels or awareness; life is meaningless and hope has been banished to us for what seems like eternity. discontent with who we are seems to automatically anchor us to misfourtune and plain old 'bad luck'. our choices from the past haunt us, accompanied by regret and remorse for what they have brought, followed by anger or insecurity that we push inward. 

at polar ends of this continuous sphere of emotion, they both are opposing reactions of one another and will never be any closer, yet any farther away. we learn to take the good with the bad, smile when it's hard, and learn from our decisions. we cultivate foresight, yet fear not the consequences. we believe in the possibility of a higher power without letting that belief rule our lives or actions. we become better people because of the pain, and happier because of the delight that lies in everyday living. we're wiser because of the mistakes, yet more willing to open our minds to the influence of new knowledge. 


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