Sunday, May 17, 2009

what kids? THOSE kids.

this is for those, the kids who inspired. 
the weak, the down-trodden and the just fucking tired.
from a city of hell to a city of hate;
to a city of light, to where i was saved.
to a place where all play, unworried, unbidden.
for all the children who smile with their joys unhidden.
to the good of heart and strong of mind, 
the fear and the pain we've all left behind.
to the future and great people, sights and places.
to new ideas and new passion and wonderful faces.
this is to you: you're the reason i wrote this. 
it's the reason i stand in the rain and get my clothes wet.
you've come so far, don't run away now.
you've worked so hard and made so many vows.
to whatever you've given, to what you've recieved;
to you for the happiness in which you believed.
dreams aren't just dreams, they're the power that drives us;
and stakes aren't just high, they will never be higher.
we're the power we'll be, if only we see it.
you dream and you do, only if you believe it.
this is for you, the reason i wrote this.
and the reason i stand in the rain and get my clothes wet.
where have you gone, with your eyes alight?
with the commitment inside and passion so bright?
you're spiraling down, back to the city --
the one of self-hate, loathing and pity.
you've risen above, why go far back? 
all of your illusions are more than just show.
there is more to be done, and more to know.
so get up, kid -- the damn bell hasn't rung yet.
keep fighting back, there's still time for your bet.
this is for you, not looking over your shoulder.
to those who wait, who know that it's over.
it's all for the kids who don't have a clue;
to all of the people who think they're like you.
it's for the doubters and haters who never will know
just how high we can reach or how far we will go.
this is for us, we're the reason i wrote this;
we're the reason i stand in the rain and get my clothes wet.

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