Sunday, May 17, 2009

the pursuit of stoked-ness...

there's something that happens to me when i'm standing at the top of a run, waiting to drop in and experience pure happiness -- it's the epitome of incredible. there's a totally different thing that happens when i lose an edge on an icy, shitty day and am surrounded by idiots who i doubt can walk, let alone get down the hill without causing havoc...but ilove it. i love the weird smell of burning p-tex and i love the sound of my board cleanly slap-slapping a box. i love the creeps who stand at the top of the park and hate and i love the kids just finding out what turning really is. i love the eight year old giggle that bubbles out when i take a tumble through a minefield of humps and bump and come up laughing so hard i can't feel my face. i love the euphoria that comes when looking around a circle of friends while exchanging fart jokes in the lift line and realizing that this is 'it'. i love seeing old friends, ex-bedmates, that crazy euro bastard who loves weird techno. i love asking people how their summer was, only to see the reminiscent gleam of south america, NZ, indo or Hood shine back at me. i love the bear hugs and the profanity. i love shaking my butt to the sounds of my new shred list this season and being so excited that i just get obnoxious. i love the adrenaline of trying something new and sticking it. i love the battle scars of not. i love the greasy food, the booze breath and the old setups. i love the new steeze and the new stories and the new lifties. i get negative and swear to never ride again. i hate on boys, on girls AND transexuals. i throw things and tell god that i absolutely despise him. i break fingers, ribs, heads, ass...and i do it all again. i can hold any job in the world, but for the rest of my life, this is what i'll return to, this wild-adrenaline-crazy-drunk-love-hate-broken melee. there is so much wrong with the world so often, but when i'm there, i'm THERE. nothing matters except going fast, going slow, riding, sliding, whatever the fuck i'm doing. i love being here, doing this. i love taking that, making it mine and holding it close. i love that to me, there's nothing better than freezing my ass off. i love the lifestyle and the people and everything that happens, good or bad. i don't give a damn how not-good of a rider, card-holder, girlfriend, person i may be, there's snow on the ground. 

i'm happy.

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