Sunday, May 17, 2009

sometimes we lose more than we gain.

i think sometimes we don't always get what we want, and we rarely get what we need. sometimes we make decisions based on pain or fear, and they go on to cripple future opportunities that would expand our lives for the better. sometimes we're just so worried that we're letting life pass us by and we get so terribly wrapped up in not missing a thing....and the next thing you know, we're crying over spilt beer at a party. sometimes we concentrate so hard on making life look effortless that we lose sight of what (or who) really matters, and we end up losing both ways. sometimes we short-circuit our ambitious personalities by pretending we don't care to finish anything or put work into the shit we truly care about. sometimes we sacrifice love for sex, happiness for fun, and real friends for 15 seconds in the limelight.......sometimes we accidentally end up hating ourselves for silly mistakes during drunken escapades with folks we barely know. 

what has happened to everything?

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