Sunday, May 17, 2009

nude photography.

first off, let me begin by explaining to my more uneducated audiences that no, i am NOT a porn photographer and no, it does NOT sexually excite me to shoot nudes. the photos placed in this profile are not to be disrespected in any way. period. if you do not approve, move on. if you are sick, deranged and enjoy viewing them because of the masturbatory possibilities, go shoot yourselves in the head. if it is simply not your choice or style of photography or art, thank you and have a nice day.

that said, 
i believe that the human body -- both in it's entirety and parts separate -- is an amazing work of art in and of itself. it is to be revered, pondered and learned of. there is no such thing as an ugly body; beauty simply occasionally escapes the human eye.

artist connecting with a subject always happens; there must be some connection, i believe, else there would be no relevant point in photos. that emotion may make things difficult for any photographer because of multiple reasons, including the root of it, but this same intense feeling is what drives us to shoot.

the need to capture and portray is what defines something between art and trash. i believe it is the respect and love of life, not only for ourselves, but for what we, as artists, can give our viewers. it is us opening the door to understanding and knowledge and exposing the beauty of the everyday; the living, breathing soul music that is defined by our listening to the body's lyrics and putting them into an effort more tangible than passing glance alone can capture. nude photography is giving power of expression to a subject that normally could be stagnant or even fairly mundane under other circumstances. boring, never.  difficult to comprehend, yes, but never boring. we try to show the world in pictures what cannot be explained through words and allow others to form their own opinions and feelings about what we are displaying.

i feel we are the eyes to a silent tale of glory whose illumination has been postponed until now. we are the interpretation of a language that has never been written. through proper technique and careful handling, there is vast insight into the prowess never achieved until the discovery of the nude human form on canvas. 

so i began taking pictures to express this ample emotion i could not explain. an extension of my heart.

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