Monday, May 25, 2009

Mud Season in Park City

With the sunny days and warm weather increasing, it's refreshing to know that the infamous 'Mud Season' in Park City has almost come to an end...I think. This will be my first summer living in town and while I absolutely love the complex beauty that is this small mountain town, the sunny but mostly cool days seem endless in April and May. The weather plays the coquettish child, her momentary reprieves filled with balmy days and tranquil nights before dashing our hopes with continuous rain and thunderstorms. It leaves the local grasses and foliage lushly green and the trees in what seems to be eternal bloom, but eternal bloom is pleasant only so long as one can enjoy it.

The challenge is finding something to do while passing the time that won't leave your waistband tighter and your wallet empty. As an active adult with a self-diagnosed attention disorder, I've struggled with becoming an 'indoor person'; I consider cabin fever to be a serious affliction and generally cope with boredom by heading outdoors on the bike, for a run or some other form of physical entertainment. Unfortunately, with the obstacles of an empty local population and repetitive hobbies, I've grown frustrated that a spring routine just isn't as simple as a winter one. For me the cold and icy winter months means early retirings, dawn risings and days spent on exhausting hikes and descents from the highest peaks to be found locally. Even a relatively 'easy' day would be hiking the park, exploring the resort and secret spots, or navigating dense timberlines at top speeds to find the last stash of a storm. Post-shred is making a heavy meal of whatever can be found in a house full of hungry athletes and passing out for the night. The next day? Repeat... this song is one that lasts for five months of the year. With spring's arrival and a slow economy, a certain disastrous recipe is created: no job in a small mountain town = no money and nothing to do. Mix in a heavy refusal to own or drive a car for Mother Earth's sake and you end up bored, broke and lonely. 

So until the warm weather calls for the opening of the farmer's markets and the resorts, town will stay empty, businesses will stay closed and I will stay inside, reading and writing. 

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