Sunday, May 17, 2009


I have, it seems, come to terms with being a complete nutcase...absolutely bat-shit crazy. These are the reasons and habits for such conclusions:

i like mixing food to make art.
sometimes i fall asleep singing to myself.
i try not to judge, but when i do, it's very harshly.
i will readily admit that i am rather intense about religion, politics and freedom of choice.
i often develop crushes on multiple people, including kenny g.
i prefer skiers over snowboarders in the dating aspect, usually because skiers have prettier eyes.
i drink way too much...frequently.
i'm too nice and too mean all at once.
i read a whole shitload of stuff that doesn't even make me smarter.
i would love to have a job that let me do whatever i want, but i don't -- so instead, i have a series of jobs doing whatever i want.
i like sex. 'nuff said.
i used to think i hated cats, chocolate and homeless people, but then i became a couch surfer, PMSed and am living with a cat now.
i am a people watcher.
i think pimples have individual personalities.
i am an obstinate asshole..about pretty much everything.
i start killing people when i don't get coffee.
i get bored really easily and would rather fly kites and fingerpaint.
i write shit like this and believe people actually read it.
i trust way too many people.
i intentionally throw myself into the street of life, hoping i will get hit by an adventure bus.
i love to cuddle --  i love being the little spoon.
i like waking up sore from the day before and having my body hate me 
................i know i'm human.
i have a terrible habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, usually in a questionable situation.
i love karaoke, but i suck at it unless i'm shitfaced and i play my air guitar.
i tend to make friends quickly and crazily.
i love t shirts
             ...and bumper stickers.
i have a wild imagination.
i fall out of trees/treehouses/treeswings a whole fucking lot.
i am one of those people who say, "awwwwwwwww...!" when there is a little kid or baby in the room.
i want to be a naked asssstronaut.
i love jumping in with both feet.
i can eat a whole pan of brownies without throwing up.
i love speed.
i would sell my soul to keep snowboarding for the rest of eternity.
i like cartoons, jello squares and the ocean.
i don't want to be famous, rich or powerful...i want to be happy.
i have a severe denim fetish.
i forget there is an world outside of whatever i'm doing.
i love meeting new people and hearing new stories.
i couldn't live without music and can be found singing to myself, randomly.
i get bored and raid the refrigerator.
i am an adrenaline junkie and go too far sometimes.
i mow the lawn barefoot and secretly hope i'll chop off a toe.
i wonder what happens when we die, and even think about my funeral.
i would like to know everything.
           ...every little thing in the entire universe.
i believe photos immortalize their subjects, and i want to save everything.
i love driving big trucks and SUVs even though i know they kill the earth.
i am a thai food fiend.
i can't wait....for anything.
i dance everywhere and i sing in the shower.
i honestly believe that one day, i will rule the planet(s).
i'm a geek.
i enjoy useless facts and idiots.
i'm OCD about vacumming, clean sheets and wet towels. 
i love being blonde.
i know that living life means LIVING, not just being alive.
i like watching fistfights.
i am an underwear freak.
i think sunburns are cool.
i don't eat butter or pork.
i want to go everywhere and see everything..including the moon.
i use the word 'fuck' a lot.
i watch CNN and the history channel.
i hate 'cool' kids...and people who think they're better than others.
i am a texture whore.
i love green. and black. and white.
i believe that queen was one of the greatest bands ever.
i have to make lists to stay organized and get everything done.
i really like christmas, really really REALLY.
i continue to fall for boys who look good in beanies.
i want to meet god so i can knock him off his horse.

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