Sunday, May 17, 2009


...means a lot more than just saying you’ll do something. it means a lot more than calling when it’s convenient or dropping plans for something means more than talking about shit that’s none of anyone else’s business. it means getting up early (as in, three am) to pick someone up from the airport. it’s about knowing when to keep the mouth shut and when to say something. it goes along with "yeah, you can wear that/eat that/borrow that cash"....and doing favours that you never collect on. it means opening up and being completely real, for better or for worse. friendship means honesty, integrity and love. sometimes it even includes calling someone out on the bullshit and the dangerous craziness, and that takes balls. it calls for midnight runs to the pharmacy, dropping everything to make pancakes on a tuesday morning and hugs that mean more than words. it’s about hopping a plane, catching a cab or getting in the car. it’s about holding hair, squeezing hands and communicating happiness when shit couldn’t get worse.   

when i wasn’t, i’m sorry.

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