Sunday, May 17, 2009

"dem hataz!"

this blog was proposed to me by a friend who believes that the shit talking has reached an all time high --- shortly after asking me if i had no shame. so here’s the answer i gave him: No, i don’t. recently i figured out that frankly, i just don’t give a damn. i don’t really give a flying fuck what kind of shit people tend to talk, because people will always talk. brilliant people talk about ideas, smart people talk about events, and stupid fucking idiots talk about people -- that’s the way the world works, turns, thinks, whatev....take it as you want it. i’m not going to spend time putting out fires that a) have absolutely nothing to do with me besides the fact that i’ve supposedly done it, had it happen to me, or talked about it and b) i don’t care about and can only weigh me down right now. i think 90% of the folks that think they know me or are my friends have absolutely NO IDEA of what’s been happening for the last twelve months or so, and that makes me laugh. the people who matter know, and those that don’t know obviously don’t give a shit and would talk it instead. i learned a lot in jail, mostly about myself, the way i work and why being real and recognizing truth is so important. i’m learning how to incorporate all of that into my life and while it’s not easy, things sure have become a hell of a lot clearer than they were. my family is numero uno -- i’m even thinking of getting a tat across my stomach (who says white chicks can’t be hood? haha). they’ve always been the ones to stick around, up and hold down for me, and that shit matters. my real friends are family anyway, so there’s not any point in differentiating between groups, and they know who they are. i guess the only people i don’t want or need in my life are the high maintainence, piece of shit assholes who truly believe that because we’ve shared a drink (or twenty-five) together at some random bar, we’re best friends and therefore i need to take care of them now. people without compassion enough to look beyond themselves and accept others, idiots without intelligence enough to make up their own minds about mainstaid issues in our society, pricks without kindness enough to reach out to a stranger or make fun of those that do -- go fuck yourselves, i’m over it. 

the fake, the assumed, and living the pretense of human existence is played out.

to those who continue to paticipate in the 'hate olympics' or believe that ’hating’ really is an acceptable form of social interaction, i hope that you’re enjoying it -- because someday, when you’re sixty and have entrenched your soul in the despising of mankind, you’re going to wake up....or maybe you won’t. but if you do, you’ll look around you and realized that you have alienated absolutely everyone of worth around you to the point where they cross the street so as not to speak with you. congratulations, you are now, and have been since deciding that you were 'too cool', a worthless piece of shit.

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