Sunday, May 17, 2009

259 Things You Didn't Really Want To Know About Mandy...

(1) Your gender: female
(2) Straight/gay/bi?:straight
(3) Single?: yesh, thank you.
(4) Want to be?: yerp.
(5) Your birth day: april 26
(6) Age you act: depends on how inebriated i am, or am not.
(7) Age you wish you were:....i like this.
(8) Your height: 5' 7"
(9) The color of your eyes: brown
(10) Happy with it?: yep
(11) The color of your hair: blondish brown.
(12) Happy with it?: hell yeah.
(13) Left/right/ambidextrous?: right 
(14) Your living arrangement?: studio living, alone...sometimes not.
(27) Your family: is amazing.
(29) What's your job: professional bum. 
(30) Piercings?: ears, nose.
(31) Tattoos?: arm and soon to be side piece.
(32) Obsessions?: snow and laffy taffy.
(35) Do you speak another language? pig latin
(36) Have a favorite quote?: "YOU! Shut the FUCK UP!"
(37) Do you have a webpage?: facebook

DEEP THOUGHTS about life and you in it:

(38) Do you live in the moment?: too much sometimes
(39) Do you consider yourself tolerant of others? i'm actually pretty mellow unless they're stupid or assholes.
(40) Do you have any secrets?: just a few ;)
(41) Do you hate yourself?: not really, but disappointed? yeah, especially when i make myself look like an ass.
(42) Do you like your handwriting?: i write in all caps, its easy.
(43) Do you have any bad habits?: only one, i guess -- being me. 
(44) What is the compliment you get most from people?: oh, i just get loads and loads...everybody wants to tell me SOMETHING good about me. ha.
(45) If a movie was made about your life, what would it be called?: "sarcasm and the nature of hate."
(47) Can you sing?: i can, but i shouldn't.
(48) Do you ever pretend to be someone else just to look cool?: nah, that's played.
(49) Are you a loner?: most of the time.
(51) If you were another person, would you be friends with you?: hell yeah.
(52) Are you a daredevil?: yeah.
(53) Is there anything you fear or hate about yourself?: one.
(54) Are you passive or aggressive?: depends.
(55) Have you got a ?: to who? god, my parents, the world, mr. bush, terje, cj?
(56) What is your greatest strength and weaknesses?: i'm awesome, and.....i'm awesome.
(57) If you could change one thing about yourself?: yeah -- my unwillingness to control my passions.
(58) There are three wells, love, beauty and creativity, which one do you choose?: all three, just because i can.
(59) How do you vent?: i run.
(60) Do you think you are emotionally strong?: i'm doing okay.
(61) Is there anything you regret doing/not doing in life?: not a damn thing.
(62) Do you think life has been good so far?: yerp.
(63) What is the most important lesson you've learned from life?: people suck, and people are awesome -- who you associate with is your choice, so surround yourself with those you trust. 
(64) What do you like the most about your body?: that it still works.
(65) And least?: that i creak sometimes.
(66) Do you think you are good looking?: yeah, when it's really dark and i'm wearing black. :D
(67) Are you confident? that and a little insecure.
(68) What is the fictional character you're most like?: ramona what's-her-face.
69) Do people know how you feel?: not ever, unless i'm yelling at them. and then they KNOW how i feel.
(70) Are you perceived wrongly?: 99.9% of the time.

(71) Smoke?: only when i drink.
(72) Do drugs?: i should say no.
(73) Read the newspaper?: I try.
(74) Pray?: when i'm in a precarious situation, yes.
(75) Go to church? christmas and easter.
76) Talk to strangers who IM you?: nope.
(77) Sleep with stuffed animals?: i wish.
(78) Take walks in the rain?: favourite thing, bitches.
(79) Talk to people even though you hate them?: nope.
(80) Drive?: fast, fast fast.
(81) Like to drive fast?: everywhere.


(82) Liked your voice?: when i'm sick i sound like dolly parton/rob zombie/jimi hendrix.
(83) Hurt yourself?: i'm a clutz.
(84) Been out of the country?: what country? 
(85) Eaten something that made other people sick?: yea
(86) Burped?: yeah.
(87) Been unfaithful?: of.....?
(88) Been in love?: yes.
(89) Done drugs?: yeah. 
(90) Gone skinny dipping?: we all know the answer to that one.
(92) Had a surgery?: more than once.
(93) Ran away from home?: yeah.
(94) Played strip poker: yeah.
(95) Gotten beaten up?: yep.
(97) Been picked on?: of course
(98) Been on stage?: yes
(99) Been so drunk that you know you're supposed to go out on a date with someone, but you can't remember with who or when and that you faint when you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning, not to mention your breath?: sounds like a tuesday to me!
(100) Slept outdoors?: um, yes.
(101) Thought about suicide?: yeah,'s a pretty dark place and I try to stay away from those edges these days.
(102) Pulled an all-nighter?: a few.
(103) If yes, what is your record?: 4 days
(105) Talked on the phone all night?: ah, those were the days
(106) Slept together with the opposite sex without actually having sex?: not very often, but yes.
(107) Slept all day?: annnnnd...that's a wednesday.
(108) Killed someone?: not yet.
(109) Made out with a stranger?: yeah
(110) Had sex with a stranger?: we weren't strangers after that ;)
(111) Thought you're going crazy?: daily.
(112) Kissed the same sex?: yeah.
(113) Done anything sexual with the same sex?: yeah.
(114) Been betrayed?: who hasn't? 
(115) Had a dream that came true?: a few.
(116) Broken the law?: you could say that.
(117) Met a famous person?: yeah
(118) Have you ever killed an animal by accident?: yes
(146) Stolen anything?: only hearts...and cars.
(147) Been on radio/TV.?: I'm still waiting for my reality show on VH1.
(148) Been in a mosh-pit?: yeah.
(149) Had a nervous breakdown?: not yet
(150) Considered religious vocation?: i would make an excelllent nun, right?
(151) Been criticized about your sexual performance?: highly in, impossibe.
(152) Bungee jumped?: yep.
(153) Had a dream that kept coming back?: a few.

CLOTHES and other fashion:

(154) Shoe brand?: reef/thirtytwo/prada...i'm kidding. whatever is comfy.
(155) Brand of clothing?: hmmmm. sevs, CoH, RR? I'm a designer denim whore.
(156) Cologne/perfume?: i'm not telling.....
(157) What are you normally wearing to school/work?: pasties. yup.
(159) Wear hats?: on bad hair days.
(161) Wear make-up?: not very much.
162) Favorite place to shop?: my sisters' closets and little teeny boutiques and jewelry stands.
(163) Favorite article of clothing?: denims
(164) Are you trendy?: not really.
(165) Would you rather wear a uniform to school?: no, been there.


(166) Believe in life on other planets?: sure
(167) Miracles?: more like luck.
(168) Astrology?: i'm a bull, are you shitting me? weird.
(169) Magic?: only when i can pull a peeber out of my back pocket
(170) God?: doubtful.
(171) Satan?: don't i wish.
(172) Santa?: nope.
(173) Ghosts?: yeah.
(174) Luck?: yep.
(175) Love at first sight?: HAHAHAHA, no.
(176) Yin and Yang?: more like chin chang.
(177) Witches?: nope.
(178) Easter bunny?: i hate easter
(179) Believe it's possible to remain truly faithful forever?: it takes a type of commitment that only very strong people can cultivate.
(180) Believe there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?: hish hash.
(181) Do you wish on stars?: only when i was seven and that didn't work, obviously.
(182) Did you get frightened or uncomfortable seeing that as a section title?: ????
(183) Do you remember your first love?: yeah, unfortunately.
(184) Still love him/her?: sometimes, but there's also a sadness there...i wouldn't take that back. it taught me a lot.
(185) Do you consider love a mistake?: careless love, yes.
(186) What do you find romantic?: flowers, duh.
(187) Turn-on?: hot. hot, hot, hot! hahaha....intelligence, confidence, mad skills with the tongular. :D
(188) Turn-off?: boring, dumb, shallow or judgemental -- bigoted, extremely hairy or too loud.
(189) Do you base your judgment on looks alone: not really, actually.
(200) If someone you had no interest in dating expressed interest in dating you, how would you feel?: flattered, i guess...but sad for them. 
(201) Do you prefer knowing someone before dating them or going "blind"?: knowing them, duh -- how do you date someone blindly? i mean, is it just like....grade 8? "check yes or no..."?
(202) Have you ever wished it was more "socially acceptable" for a girl to ask a guy out?: it's not??!?!!!? 
(203) Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone physically unattractive?: not really....well, okay. HAHAHAHA.
(204) Do you think the opposite sex finds you good looking?: not usually, just most of the time.
(205) What is best about the opposite sex?: sexy eyes, grins and badass tattoos. 
(206) What is the worst thing about the opposite sex?: they don't get it sometimes -- scratch that, most of the time.
(207) What's the last present someone gave you? really wanna know? :D
(208) Are you in love?: love is for senior citizens, kittens and emo kids.
(209) Do you consider your significant other hot?: what constitutes a SO?
(210) What would you do if you were walking down the street and saw some hot guy/girl standing on the sidewalk?: "how you get all dat in dem jeans?!?"


(211) That haunted you?: some homeless creep...yeah, i know -- quality.
(212) You wanted to kill?: CJ, as usual.
(213) That you laughed at?: mark.
(214) That laughed at you?: Brian.
(215) That turned you on?: mmmmm...yeah.
(216) You went shopping with?: Brian.
(217) That broke your heart?: a little dog.
(218) To disappoint you?: me
(219) To ask you out?: some weirdo at the bar. or, outside of it...EW.
(220) To make you cry?: chuck norris.
(221) To brighten up your day?: the sun, and whats-his-face. :D
222) That you thought about?: where the fuck is everybody? 
(223) You saw a movie with?: um, brian.
(224) You talked to on the phone?: mommy.
(225) You talked to through IM?: trainwreck.
(226) You saw?: brian.
(227) You lost?: don't ask.
(229) You thought was completely insane?: myself
(230) You wanted to be?:......still working on that one.
(231) You told off?: some douchebag on the sidewalk.
(232) You trusted?: molly.
(233) You turned down?: um......can't remember his name. 

(234) Smiled?: today
(235) Laughed?: today
(236) Cried?: hmmmmm....two weeks, three?
(237) Bought something: honey roasted cashews at the sev.
(238) Danced?: in the car 
(239) Were sarcastic?: today
(240) hugged someone?: today
(241) Talked to an ex?: more like hung up on.
(242) Watched your fave movie?: i don't have a favorite movie
(243) Had a nightmare?: dunno.
(245) Talked on the phone?: today.
(246) Listened to the radio?: weeks?
(247) Watched TV?: today
(248) Went out?: today
(249) Helped someone?: yesterday
(250) Were mean?: today
(251) Sang?: today
(252) Saw a movie in a theater?: can't remember.
(253) Said "I love you"?: last night.
(254) Missed someone?: today.
(255) Fought with a family member?: it's been a long time
(256) Fought with a friend?: it's been a while.
(257) Had a serious conversation?: yesterday
(258) Got drunk?: Friday, little buzzed.
(259) Had sex?: too long

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